Grind Funk Railroad (Demo)

by Occult 45

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released November 25, 2011

Recorded and Mixed at Fuck St. Studios by Jeff Barow and Occult 45.



all rights reserved


Occult 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Relentless Fucking Grindcore

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Track Name: Intro/The Farmers Daughter
save a tree
johnny appleseed
fossil fuel cool
proving your worth
preserve planet earth
the planet is fine
the people are fucked

the planet is fine the people are fucked
Track Name: Body Melt
imploding heads
exploding stomachs
elongated tongues
monstrous births

body melt

sentient placentas
liquefying flesh
living mucus
gruesome mutations

body melt
Track Name: Passion for Ignorance
the sword of god
the blood of a lamb
vengeance is mine
i will repay

i pray to god
that you die in your sleep
Track Name: Tehran Desert Vampire
lead them to the desert
before the sun sets
shunned by the public
insanity never ends
raping and killing
cutting of their heads
preferably children!
preferably dead!

one hundred lashes
wont make me squeal

stab me in the front
stab me in the back
hang me from this crane
noose around my neck

preferably children!
preferably dead!