Human Abhorrence

by Occult 45

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You lofty piece of shit Who gave you a crown? Wicked envy and hate Plaster Saint Elevate your stature one possession at a time Indignant towards those diverse Uniformed Slime Walking upright, and talking uptight The world is fucking better with you out of sight
What you think is obsolete still exists No patience for this torment and opulent ways Abundance of wastes of lives Prodigal Living Abundant supply of crime Inflicted Misery Eliminate critical thinking drudge by drudge Are you haughty fucks proud? Crack the whip How loud does the rooster crow?
Patrol the streets with killing crusades Sick of all this bullshit Pretenders are all I see Stop the car and confirm the kill Cut down the lesser heroes I seek blood for the thrill Pathetic victims of arrested development Prepare to hear...The voice of reason Out for gore, on your knees Chainsaw Vigilante
P.P.F.O 00:50
Pretentious social cowards Born with a silver spoon Please check out, and move on to the next town PC PUNX FUCK OFF Fuck your values Fuck your views Fuck your outlook Fuck you too
Beyond the facade of a normal world Lies another world Which grizzly mystery bring panic to some Satisfaction to other beings Mangled flesh, splattered organs ROT Gutted intestines, flaccid corpses ROT Decomposing, spoiled over ROT Your eyes will see but your mind wont believe What is an illusion? What the fuck is reality?
Succubi 02:47
Preying on mortals with hypnotic powers Temptress of the night Devilishly cunning Angelically beautiful Voluptuous form Steal my vitality Corrupt my soul Numb my desires Im begging you please Fuck me in my dreams Im a slave to your needs Done to death by slanderous tongue
Where's your fight? Where's your pride? There's no afterlife. No heaven in sight. Life is pain Not something you control You lived slow So die fucking old Theres no dignity in calling it quits On the skids Collapse at first mishap More useful dead than poor and alive With your loved ones by your side Drink the drink to euthanize



released March 10, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Barow & Occult 45 at Fuck Street Studios
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering
Artwork by Jan Tyrant Ghost Lord
Layout by Ralph Stewart
Broken Limbs Recordings 050


all rights reserved



Occult 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Relentless Fucking Grindcore

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